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Submission of X-Rays and Photos for Long-Term Follow-Up


Chrysalis Dental has dental implant office across Canada. Learn about your dental implant health options in your area.

Dental Implants Toronto

Dr. Steven Bongard, DDS
Dr. Alex Bongard, DDS
Dr. Marshall Freilich, DDS,MSc, FRCDC(C)
Dr. Brian Leibtog, DMD
Dr. Gersana Segal, DDS
Dr. David Powell, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)
Dr. Phil Walton, MMSc, FRCD (C)
Dr. John Zarb, BA, DDS, MSc, FRCD (C)
Dr. Jack Zosky, DDS, FRCD (C) FICD
Dr. Haley Frydrych, DDS
Dr. Ousama Damlaj, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)
Dr. Garry Toor, DDS, MSc, FRCDC(C)
Dr. Sanila Ninan, DDS

250 Canarctic Drive
Toronto, Ontario,
M3J 2P4
416 250 9393
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Dental Implants London

Dr. Peter Agathos, DDS
1201 Huron
London, Ontario,
N5Y 4K5
226 781 1155
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Dental Implants Vancouver

Dr. Mark Kwon, DMD
7300 Edmonds St., 5th Floor
Burnaby, British Columbia,
V3N 0G8
604 439-8885
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Dental Implants Windsor

Dr. Norman Highton, DDS
3475 North Service Rd E, Unit A
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5R7
226 783 1831
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Dental Implants Winnipeg

Dr. Brent Wong, DMD
360 Main Street, Suite 2000
Winnipeg MB
R3C 3Z3
204 480 9839
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Thank you for submitting.

Please Upload PA or PAN or Dicom files.

Rename the files using the patient’s name. 

(Ex. PATIENT’sName_DATE of Xrays .jpg , Chris_07232023.jpg)